Partnership Resource Teams

IEPI provides technical assistance through Partnership Resource Teams (PRTs). This “colleagues helping colleagues” type of technical assistance is available to colleges, districts and centers that express interest in receiving support on self-identified issues. This model leverages the expertise of system professionals and helps identify promising practices and develop support materials specific to the needs of California community colleges. The resulting network of support reinforces alignment of all college efforts with the Vision for Success goals.

The process begins whenA a short Letter of Interest (LOI) is submitted by the institution’s CEO. Once a LOI is approved a team of subject matter experts is drawn together from a pool of system and partner volunteers, based on a process of matching their knowledge and experience with the areas of focus identified by the institutions, and then deployed for three visits. These three visits consist of:

  1. The initial gathering of information,
  2. Assist the institution develop improvement strategies and timelines in an Innovation and Effectiveness Plan,
  3. To provide follow-up support.

Additional follow-up visits are available as needed.

Grants of up to $200,000 in seed money are available to institutions that receive team visits and submit their Innovation and Effectiveness Plans.