The biggest thing is: there is absolutely no threat in a Partnership Resource Team (PRT) visit. The whole focus is on help and collaboration.

Debbie DiThomas

The key to any large-scale initiative is cooperation – making sure that all stakeholders are heard, heeded, and when necessary, helped. IEPI was built on this precise philosophy, stressing cooperation above all else.

It really has done a good job of bringing us together with colleagues across the system to leverage each others’ knowledge.

Angelina Hill

With any large-scale student success initiative, the key is to home in on real, pressing issues and find legitimate solutions to those issues. That’s why the IEPI Advisory Committee is focused on carefully identifying the most in-demand topics for its Professional Development Workshops. 

I have learned at least as much, if not more, than the colleagues to whom I was supposed to provide assistance.

Maureen Chenoweth

It’s no accident that two of the three pillars of IEPI (“Participate. Collaborate. Innovate.”) are dedicated to involvement and cooperation. The entire initiative is founded on a grassroots level, empowering faculty, staff and administration to identify and execute solutions from within the California Community Colleges system.