What is a PRT?

The technical assistance component of the IEPI has taken shape in the development and deployment of Partnership Resource Teams (PRTs). The opportunity to receive PRT assistance is available to all colleges, districts, and centers in the California Community Colleges system.

The institutional CEO typically initiates the process by submitting a Letter of Interest identifying specific areas of focus in which assistance is needed. The members of each PRT are selected from a pool of volunteers with expertise in a wide variety of areas, and are then matched to the areas of focus of the client institution.

PRTs are committed to making at least three visits to help each institution develop an innovation and effectiveness plan to address those areas. The visits are scheduled based in part on institutional needs and readiness, which are evaluated using factors such as the areas of focus, institutional effectiveness indicators, and the timing of upcoming accreditation visits.

The PRT process includes PRT member training, scheduling PRT visits to their client institution, ongoing communication between the PRT and the institution, and the institution’s development of its innovation and effectiveness plan.  The institution also has the opportunity to receive up to $200,000 in grant funds to help implement that plan. The PRT approach draws on Appreciative Inquiry techniques, and is founded on a colleagues-helping-colleagues model. The IEPI technical assistance component focuses on best practices rather than compliance or regulation, and relies heavily on the remarkable knowledge, skills, and experience that reside within our system.