Letter of Interest for PRT

Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI)

Partnership Resource Team Visits

Letter of Interest Format


The California Community Colleges Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI) makes technical assistance available to institutions through full Partnership Resource Teams (PRTs) and Mini- Partnership Resource Teams (Mini-PRTs). Each full PRT will visit its client institution at least three times in order to understand the issues thoroughly, help the institution develop an improvement plan called the Innovation and Effectiveness Plan (I&EP), and provide follow-up guidance during early implementation of the Plan. The typical Mini-PRT, which focuses on a narrow set of institutional needs, will visit just once, but still helps the institution develop an I&EP.  More details on the PRTs and Mini-PRTs are available on the IEPI FAQ.

If you are interested in having a team visit your institution, please send us a short (approximately two-page) Letter of Interest with the following information:

  1. Institution name.
  2. Description of areas that your institution is doing well.
  3. Description of your institution's areas of focus for PRT or Mini-PRT assistance that will help advance your institutional effectiveness even more. Previous visits to institutions have addressed diverse topics such as enrollment management, student learning outcomes assessment, integrated planning, fiscal strategy, technology applications, and professional development.
  4. Description of the rationale for these areas of focus.
  5. Description of how these areas of focus relate to the Core Commitments in the Vision for Success.
  6. Indication of what would be the ideal time for the first visit.
  7. Signature of institution's CEO.

As a recipient of assistance, your institution may also be eligible for a seed grant of up to $200,000 for full PRTs, or $75,000 for Mini-PRTs. The purpose of the seed grant is to help expedite implementation of the Innovation and Effectiveness Plan. Seed grants will be available until funds have been exhausted. Institutions receiving seed grants will be expected to develop plans for institutionalizing their efforts.

Letters of Interest will be received and reviewed on an ongoing basis. After the initial review, you will be asked to provide a more detailed one- or two-page treatment on the areas of focus to help determine scheduling and prepare for the initial visit.

Please return your letter of interest to:

Dr. Dianne Van Hook, Chancellor
CC: Shelley Weinstein
College of the Canyons
26455 Rockwell Canyon Road
Santa Clarita, CA 91355

Or via email to: Dianne.vanhook@canyons.edu, cc Shelley.weinstein@canyons.edu.