2019 Building Diversity Summit

February 8-9, 2019
Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for your commitment to increase diversity in California's Community Colleges. The 2019 Building Diversity Summit offered attendees resources, best practices and strategies to expand diversity in hiring and create access to higher education for all. At the core of the Vision for Success are the goals to improve student access and support persistence and success, which a diversify staff and faculty is a critical piece to achieving. The materials from the Summit support these goals and provide important tools to help make the Vision a reality.


Building Diversity Summit Program


Diversity Summit Day 1

CEOs and the Opportunity to Build Diverse and Equity Centered Campuses

Criminal History in Hiring Panel

Effective Policies, Procedures and Practices for Hiring Racial & Ethnic Diversity: The Key to Student Success

Equivilency, Minimum Qualifications, and Impact on Diversity

How Diversity & Training Impact Classified Employees & Student Success

Diversity, Equity and Unconscious Bias

Faculty Diversity Pipeline

Building Diversity Summit

Community College Trustees Role in Advancing Equity

Why is Faculty Diversity Such a Challenge for our Colleges


Diversity Summit Day 2

The Unique Challenge and Communication Struggles that Faculty of Color Experience in Higher Education

Equity, Diversity and Cultural Competency and the Hiring Process 

Finding and Fixing Obstacles to Recruiting Diverse Administrators and Faculty

How New Ethnically Diverse Hires Can Transform College Culture

Building Diversity Summit

Building Diversity in Guided Pathways