[The] focus on the health of the college and the benefit to students will no doubt have an impact.

Kathleen Moberg

“Crowdsourcing” is more than just a Web 2.0 buzzword – it’s a way to ensure that a large, potentially unwieldy project is well-rounded and complete. Hence, IEPI’s collaborative approach to meeting challenges and improving processes.

For Gavilan College Vice President of Student Services Kathleen Moberg, this emphasis on give-and-take between experts within the California Community College system is what sets IEPI apart from similar ventures.

“[IEPI is] a great opportunity to work with other colleges and colleagues to improve the student experience and mitigate challenges that lead to systemic improvements and student success,” says Moberg, member of a Partnership Resource Team (PRT) which recently completed its first visit and report.

According to Moberg, the strength of IEPI is in the composition and organization of the PRT, which work together to provide a breadth of expertise that would be impossible in an initiative with less focus on collaboration.

“[It’s an] opportunity to discuss more global, system-wide challenges at our own college and within the host college,” says Moberg. “Everyone’s focus on the health of the college and the benefits to students will no doubt have an impact.”