It really has done a good job of bringing us together with colleagues across the system to leverage each others’ knowledge.

Angelina Hill

With any large-scale student success initiative, the key is to home in on real, pressing issues and find legitimate solutions to those issues. That’s why the IEPI Advisory Committee is focused on carefully identifying the most in-demand topics for its Professional Development Workshops. 

“They've done a really good job of selecting topics that are really relevant,” says Angelina Hill, Director of Institutional Effectiveness at College of the Redwoods. “They are really hot topics, really well-attended.”

According to Hill, who has attended multiple IEPI workshops and served on a PRT visit to Lassen College, it’s this meticulous planning and focus that sets IEPI apart from other statewide student success projects.

“You’re with so many peers focusing on the same issue. [It allows you to] delve deeper into some of the issues.”

“The IEPI also provided colleges [a portal] so that we can easily upload the Framework of Indicators, which include short and long-term goals for select metrics,” says Hill. “The framework is standardized across colleges, but it allows us to set our own goals.”

According to Hill, the initiative is unique due to its focus on collaboration between science-minded research professionals and their more right-brained academic colleagues.

“I learned from my non-research colleagues how to better present the data at my college based on what they found useful,” says Hill. “[It’s] a great way to utilize the resources already available in the system for a greater audience.”