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This program is to help the college, and not judge them… It’s a great learning experience for both the receiving college and the officials visiting the college.

Bill McGinnis

A Partnership Resource Team is about more than just a team of visiting experts recommending changes. It’s a give-and-take between education professionals with diverse knowledge and skills. 

The biggest thing is: there is absolutely no threat in a Partnership Resource Team (PRT) visit. The whole focus is on help and collaboration.

Debbie DiThomas

The key to any large-scale initiative is cooperation – making sure that all stakeholders are heard, heeded, and when necessary, helped. IEPI was built on this precise philosophy, stressing cooperation above all else.

[The] focus on the health of the college and the benefit to students will no doubt have an impact.

Kathleen Moberg

“Crowdsourcing” is more than just a Web 2.0 buzzword – it’s a way to ensure that a large, potentially unwieldy project is well-rounded and complete. Hence, IEPI’s collaborative approach to meeting challenges and improving processes.

Knowing what works matters. Knowing how something works matters more. IEPI gives both.

Alex Casareno

With budgets falling – and private competition rising – it is crucial for California Community Colleges to stay ahead of the professional development game. That’s why IEPI focuses on real-world, research-based solutions to the problems that face our two-year colleges.

The concept of having funding to jump-start the projects identified is a huge plus, and again reinforces the positive message.

Kindred Murillo

It's one thing to want smoother processes and better results, but real outcomes require real funding and real support. IEPI is an ambitious enterprise that depends not only on the dedication and legwork of its partner institutions, but also the fiscal ability to operate.

The process gave us deadlines and helped us focus on some important areas needing improvement.

Joe Wyse

The old proverb says: “It is the wise man who knows there is much he does not know.” In essence, making a commitment to improve oneself isn’t an admission of weakness – it’s an affirmation of strength.

It really has done a good job of bringing us together with colleagues across the system to leverage each others’ knowledge.

Angelina Hill

With any large-scale student success initiative, the key is to home in on real, pressing issues and find legitimate solutions to those issues. That’s why the IEPI Advisory Committee is focused on carefully identifying the most in-demand topics for its Professional Development Workshops. 

I have learned at least as much, if not more, than the colleagues to whom I was supposed to provide assistance.

Maureen Chenoweth

It’s no accident that two of the three pillars of IEPI (“Participate. Collaborate. Innovate.”) are dedicated to involvement and cooperation. The entire initiative is founded on a grassroots level, empowering faculty, staff and administration to identify and execute solutions from within the California Community Colleges system.

The Partnership Resource Team (PRT) visit was a really pure opportunity to sit down, colleague-to-colleague, and help solve problems...

Gilbert H. Stork, Ed.D

PRTs help come up with a new project or creative way to approach it. At the same time, PRT members are learning about what other institutions do, which can help when they go back to their home institution. When it was all said and done, everyone described it as a truly a refreshing professional development opportunity.

What made serving on a Partnership Resource Team (PRT) rewarding was that you actually feel that you’re having an impact. You’re having a pretty profound impact, with a limited amount of work.

Dr. Gregory Anderson

We struggle in our day jobs for hundreds of hours to make incremental change. But sometimes when you’re coming from the outside, with just a few visits and some pretty good interpersonal relationships, we were able to help them make changes in their institution. So, that intrinsic value that you have of helping others change really means a lot.

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