Letter from Chancellor Oakley, Feb. 13, 2018: Suspending Requirement and Process for Adopting Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI) Goals Framework and Setting Year-Four IEPI College/District Goas (pdf)

FAQ: Suspension of IEPI Year-4 Goal Setting (pdf) (4/6/18)

Every California Community College is committed to improving its health and effectiveness, and one of the ways to facilitate institutional improvement is through strategic goal setting. The Framework of Indicators provides the opportunity for colleagues across all areas of the college and district community to engage in setting locally determined, short- and long-term aspirational goals in four areas: fiscal viability, student performance, accreditation status, and compliance with federal and state guidelines. In addition to those four areas, colleges and districts have the opportunity to set additional goals in operational areas that are unique to their local educational context. Goals are entered via the Institutional Effectiveness Indicators Portal at https://misweb.cccco.edu/ie.  


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