Participate. Collaborate. Innovate

IEPI - Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative

The logo features an arch representing innovation, collaboration, and classical sensibility. The “bricks” (segments) of the arch allow for individual representation of the initiative’s components. 

The primary color palette is an analogous scheme of blue, which evokes loyalty and professionalism, featuring both adventurous and conservative hues. 

The typefaces chosen to represent the initiative were selected for their ability to deliver information in a crisp, professional, and friendly manner across both print and digital media. 

Brand Concept:
•    It’s simultaneously an attribute statement and a call to action
•    By using the imperative form, we imply action and urgency
•    It integrates 3 of the most powerful concepts from the research... it’s both the process and the outcome
•    Forms an elegant, concise “umbrella” phrase 
•    The individual words correspond to the three “phases” of IEPI
•    The three verbs are descriptive, but also active and alive
•    Taken together, they reference the entire arc of the IEPI project, from outset to outcome

Why It Works:
•    Every piece of testimony we gathered identified the “collaboration” aspect as IEPI’s key positive attribute
•    The most popular test statement, by far, was “Participate. Share. Advance”
•    Both the structure (3 imperative verbs) & message (“teamwork leads to a successful outcome”) tested well
•    Individually, the “-ate” words correspond to the process that is integral to the IEPI :

•    Participate
•    Collaborate
•    Innovate 


Taken together, it’s a friendly, inclusive call to action... And the process is clear.